I really am a woman of many hats. That's not to say I'm a master of all of them but I do tend to need lots of projects to feel productive. Well over the last 2 years I have become passionate about a couple things, that all sort of tie into my photography career. I tell you this partly so you can know me better, and partly because you may find something of interest. 



My first love is intimate weddings. Inviting maybe a couple of your closest friends or family and going somewhere beautiful with them to get married. I somehow talked my husband into getting ordained, so while he can not only officiate, he also plays music. So just imagine soft acoustic guitar tunes, beautiful views and a constantly changing venue to visit again and again long after the elopement.


Check out the website for my partner-company and the other services we offer. From florals, to music, and photography we offer what we think will be the whole package if you need it. We'd love to discuss more stylized settings like campsites where we can expand our options. We of course also offer a handful of locations within the Gorge to choose from offering a variety of backgrounds. 


Wedding Venue

Nestled in the country just 25 minutes from the Red River Gorge, is a wedding venue where my heart lies. With sprawling gardens, country tree lines, and eclectic mixes of art and up-cycled creations I have dreamed up a wedding venue in the making. Intended for intimate weddings with 50 or less guests, my aim is to encourage brides to minimize and let us do the work. Hopefully you'll find the facilities so beautiful you won't need diy plans for decorations. 


Off Beat and Off the beaten path, this wedding venue is first of all planned and laid out by a photographer. So in theory, the light is perfect already. Anyone can photograph it well. Second, it aims to provide most of what you need in one spot. No need to contact a long list of vendors and no surprise costs. Since it is still not complete, we are offering a huge discount to couples willing to give us a shot.