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We like to describe our photography as a little bit of everything. Each client is unique and we don't like to fit our clients into boxes. Sometimes we embrace a sunny, brightly colored day and a bride and groom with rosey sun-burnt cheeks. Sometimes we cherish the overcast, rainy wedding days with soft light and wet hair. We love dogs, coffee shops, bars and tattoos. We love woods, fields, rivers, cliffs and waiting until the stars come out. We love smoke bombs, rooftops, downtown murals and old VW Vanagans. We'll even cook some pizza or bake some cookies with you at home and photograph the mess. Basically, you decide what your photos look like. We just capture those little details that make you two, you.

We are based in Kentucky, specifically the Red River Gorge area. We frequent the Lexington and Louisville areas often and even include them with Cincinnati in our travel allotment. 

We'd love to answer any questions you may have about our classic, timeless and free-spirited photography style. We'd love to describe what that means. We can't wait to hear about your ceremony and reception details or even your elopement plans: the traditional and the non-traditional. 

Please contact us for full wedding portfolios and we will talk over coffee about our favorite things.

Enjoy this full wedding slideshow we compiled to give you an idea of your full album. 

\\ words from christine.

I'm so aware that there are tons of things to experience in life. And I want to experience them all.
I think that is why I love wedding photography. I get a small glimpse into a couples life. I get to be a small part of their love story.
This is not discouraging a growing friendship. I just know that you have a lot going on. I'm happy with all the time I get with you.
But I haven't necessarily found the thing I want to devote the rest of my life to. After wedding photography, I may move on to hospitality. Or farming. Or maybe I'll write a book. I want to do them all.
But I have found the people I love. The people I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have a system of friends, family and my boyfriend that I wouldn't trade for any amount of money, security, or material thing.
They are the very essence that has made me, me. I want to celebrate my love for them everyday.
And wedding photography is the perfect fruition of celebrating the people you love. And that is why, for now, I am here: showing up to engagement sessions with slightly disheveled hair. Sometimes at the end of a wedding, I'm finding branches in my hair and dirt on my knees, cause that's what it took to get the shot I wanted. 
I'm not going to ask you to modify your wedding to fit my needs. However, I am more than happy to help you along the way. 

I am here for you and I am here for those you love. Can't wait to meet you.

Deposits have been placed for the following wedding dates, therefore we are not available.
However, our schedule is much more flexible with elopements and engagements.
Feel free to contact us for photography coverage for any dates under 5 hours.

Unavailable Dates //

June: 2, 4-6, 17
July: 7, 22
August: 19, 20
September: 3, 9, 16
October: 7, 18, 21
November: 11
December: 16


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