Those Washington Heights

One of our clients brought me to Seattle, Washington last year. I waited for this trip for months dreaming of all of the Washington sights and foggy tree tops. Sort of last minute, my mother decided to accompany me for 5-6 days around the Court-House Marriage of Heather & Jessica. My mother is my forever partner in adventures. I inherited my wanderlust from her very heart. 

We actually flew out on Christmas day, which was surprisingly delightful. We had plans to don our ugly Christmas Sweaters and treat our selves to nothing but junk food. We flew out so terribly early, that we landed with most of the day left to explore. We hopped in our rental car and headed to the coast.

WAshington Coast

Disappointment Cove

My mom loves lighthouses, so I had already looked up some to make sure she got to see them. Disappointment Cove is right on the border of Washington & Oregon. It looks over at Astoria, the sight of "The Goonies" movie and is such a magical place. We had no trouble finding 2 light houses and the walk were gorgeous, as expected.

Deadman's Cove

Haystack Rock |  Oregon

Haystack rock is an icon among some of my favorite photographers. It was only an hour or so down the coast ( a beautiful drive) and I knew that if I could make it there, I would accomplish one thing on my bucket list. It was magical. I can't imagine what it must be like to live outside this wondrous place. Maybe one day, we'll pack up our things and the pups and take the dogs to visit this place again.

Columbian River Gorge

It wasn't until I had already visited Oregon that I knew how beautiful the Columbian River Area was. Multnomah falls popped up on a "must-see" list and my mother and I are suckers for waterfalls. So we got up before sunset and headed out to a mystic fog filled wonderland that I will forever want to return to.

Multnomah Falls



I've always heard about Portland, but never really knew enough to expect anything from Portland. We started in Old Town and were slightly discouraged by the large amount of stragglers and homeless. So, we stuck to tourist-y spots, hit up some hip thrift stores, bought myself a fox sweater and snazzy sweater for my boyfriend and walked along the river side. I would love to return one day, with someone who knew more than myself but for now, I will treasure memories of entire blocks full of food trucks and the best gyro I've ever had the pleasure to introduce to my Mother.

Mt. St. Helens

We were warned that there was no point in climbing the summit to the top of Mount Saint Helens. It was a cloudy day, and the winter season meant the road was closed before you would get to the infamous observation point. My mother and I didn't care. We were gonna see the most mountains we could. We trekked alongside breathtaking views and embraced the overcast day. We stood at the edge of the "blast zone" and read about scientists who risked their lives studying the blast. We only turned around because we finally reached snow. After a few minutes of driving slow enough to watch the trees grow, we thought it best to turn around before the sunset. Most definitely worth every minute.


Port Angeles Ferry

I love ferries. I love them. There is something about walking onto a boat and having the whole ride to enjoy coffee, a muffin, feel the waves and await your slow approach to your destination. I already knew I loved Port Angeles and the Olympic National forest. My mother and I had visited this exact spot when we went to Vancouver a couple years prior. This year, we had Victoria Island on our minds and we had our passports ready.

Victoria Island

I lived in England for a few months once. I participated in a semester abroad and have always knew I was meant to be British at heart. Victoria Island was the closest thing to England I have encountered. I loved the history, the architecture, the coffee shops, the toblerone chocolates and the friendly faces.

Fishermans Wharf

If you didn't already know, the tiny house movement has won me over. My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of remodeling a 1978 Georgia Boy RV. In Victoria Island, there is a community of tiny houses, built on boats, tied to docks, with Mexican food and neighborhood seals. I was in Heaven. I had a hunch that the local fish shop would have some fish ready to feed to the seals but I knew that I wouldn't have the guts to touch the fish in order to throw them to the seals. So I grabbed my $5 plate of fully intact fish and approached a few children, to offer them the opportunity to feed the seals. I got to witness the children's eyes light up along with mine, as the seals danced and showed off their enthusiasm for these small portions of dinner. It. Was. A dream. 

Seattle | Pike's Market

We ended our trip in a city that didn't give me the greatest first impression. My first visit to Seattle was ill-informed, ill-timed and less than memorable. But this is the city my clients were choosing to start the rest of their lives with. So I thought I'd give it another chance. We started our visit with a classic trip to Pike's Market. We watched the fish thrown back in forth between the buyer and seller and we roamed the many floors and shops that make up Seattle's finest tourist attraction and local hangout. We even did the most tourist thing we could (outside of the duck tours we took in Kansas City) and went to the "underground" to learn of Seattle's History and Making. We got to witness the crowds from the winning SeaHawks game, and accidentally climbed up "Profanity Hill." We enjoyed noodle soup in Chinatown and perfected the public transit system. It was not so bad. 

freemont | the center of the universe

This whole trip, we had been staying in Airbnb's and bribing our hosts with Cream Candy from our local Ruth Hunt Candies in Mt. Sterling, Ky. While photographing a beautiful Seattle Love Story, we got to visit a place that had everything I ever need in a town. Coffee shops, Vintage Malls, Record stores with 3$ copies of Abbey Road and Dylan Classics alongside a statue of Lenin, an army surplus "rocket" and a giant troll gripping a VW Beettle. 

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