Photojournalism || Simple + Honest

I want to say and do what the industry doesn't want me to do. I want to simplify weddings, portraits and bring celebrations of love and our loved ones back to the basics. The basics being: family, friends and memories. 


When I started this idea, I was in my 7th year of wedding photography. I began to notice more and more, that brides had a look of reluctance and exhaustion on their face when I walked up to them with the idea of a portrait. I had a tendency to literally take portraits until they said they were done. For a long time, I thought this was best. I thought my job was to encourage taking time for portraits even though they had a full day planned. We would go back and forth on timeline structures, with me suggesting 2-3 times a day to break a way for more portraits. 


I have been blessed with gracious and trusting clients who believed stepping away from their wedding for portraits was a fantastic idea. Together, we created some of my favorite portraits. However, as time went on, and a few brides stepped up and said, shamelessly, that they'd honestly rather return to their guests, I started thinking. Not every wedding has to be this way. What if brides and grooms planned a glorious event, and someone was just hired to document it? What if the hours spent taking portraits in fields and at sunsets could be traded for a few more precious moments with guests who traveled far to be with this couple?


Then my gears started spinning. An event designer I have worked with several times, reassured me that she had thought the same thing. That the industry puts so much pressure on brides and grooms to DIY everything, or spend at least "this much" and it takes so much away from the event. So many couples are just waiting for the day to be over. A friend, author and fellow shooter, also noticed the seemingly impossible standards put on couples. When really, all they wanted was to wear a beautiful gown or suit and be surrounded by all the people they cared most about.

I know it won't be for everyone. But I come from an honest place. I am practical just like you. I'd love to offer what others won't: quality photographs that will be timeless and true, and a professionalism that you can afford. 


Thanks for checking out Honest Photo Co. Please contact me for any and all questions/concerns you may have.