Workshop Magic | Part 2

Part 1, posted earlier, told you of our teams travels to New Ulm for the Karrah Kobus Photography workshop. Just a few more things I'd like to say about the following photos.

1.) If you think you are "awkward" and you don't take good photos, remember this as you look through this particular blog. These two are not a couple. They are two volunteers who have no chemistry. This hopefully tells you how good your photographer should be at setting a scene, posing the subjects and most importantly, making you feel comfortable.

2.) These guys spent all day with us. Part of the challenge of wedding days, is fitting in enough time to get those great shots. If photos are important to you, First Looks make it immensely more possible to have time with you before the craziness of the ceremony and reception. Also, Day After Sessions or Bridal Sessions give you a whole day outside of the wedding day to get shots like this.

Just food for thought. Photographers like to take photos. You give us time and you'll have gems to fill your house with for quite some time.

Because this workshop was all inclusive, we were able to set up a mock reception, cake smash included. If you like the place settings and trinkets, just imagine what your photographer can do to help you plan/organize your wedding day?

As is every photographer's hope, we headed out for sunset photos.

Side note: there are lots of mosquitoes in Minnesota.

Additional side note: when bug spray doesn't work and you can't handle the bugs on your face, lingerie laundry bags make great (cheap) mosquito nets for your face.

So this is the part of the workshop, that I know you're going to love. You're also going to be too scared to imagine doing it yourself. I don't blame you, this takes courage. But at the end of the day, would you not kill for photos like this of you and your dearly beloved?

I melt.