Laura & Anthony

Downtown Louisville Wedding

We arrived for Laura & Anthony's wedding day at a gorgeous Airbnb in downtown Louisville. The hosts were so gracious and accommodating. Laura got into her stunning 2 piece gown and met her husband to be in the front yard. We loved roaming around the property for portraits. 

We then headed downtown to the BBC Bourbon Barrel Loft where an intimate and tear filled ceremony started off a night of dancing, smiling and celebrating Laura & Anthony. The food was delicious, the BBC Loft was great hosts and we adored each and every time these two lovebirds hit the dance floor. We knew they were making the move to Conneticut after their wedding so it was a bitter sweet good bye to Kentucky. I think Kentucky will miss them, but we know these two have all the love they need to make Connecticut just as wonderful. 

With love,
Your kentucky wedding photographer