Kristin & Logan

1920's Themed Wedding & Speakeasy

Kristin & Logan did their research. She wore a sixpence in her blue shoe. Their guests came with skeleton keys from their mailed invite and postcard reproduction of the Duncan Memorial Chapel they would marry in. Their guests would throw pennies in the wishing well, dress up in 1920s dresses, hats, suits and shoes and they would all end the night in a fantastic moon and star filled speakeasy reception in an art deco home. With a giant crescent moon photo prop, copious cigar boxes, a canoe "cooler," popcorn machine and silent movies playing on a projector. 

Even better, Kristin & Logan did exactly what they wanted. Keeping to the true flapper nature, they defied tradition and picked out her dress and their rings together. So there wasn't a first look, and we kind of loved that...

Just a little info I learned researching the 20s: this was the birth of photojournalism. The 35mm Leica was created and street photography and natural subjects were more prominent. Before the 1920s, we were packing around tripods and lights for heavy mainly large format equipment. So naturally, in the spirit of things, I've created a post of only black and white images. However, If you'd like to see the color version; ***Just Click on the Image***

Thanks to Kristin & Logan for putting on a fantastic wedding and allowing me to be apart of it <3

With Love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer