Jessica & Greg

Buffalo Trace Distillery Destination Wedding

I need to warn you as to what you're about to see. You're about to see some dainty shoes, and glamorous dresses on some women who did some push ups while drinking mimosas. You're about to see lots of wonderful people come from a very far distance to see one particularly beautiful mimosa drinking, push-up mastering woman with #weddingarms we could all envy, marry the sweetest, handsomest gentleman who can dance and sing backstreet boys and put you to shame. You're gonna see a dance floor that gave us a first time applause for our side dancing that only few notice. You're gonna see the most wondrous collection of trinkets and treasure, expertly designed by Tweed & Tin, with the most gracious help from Planned to Perfection and most elegantly complimenting a treasure of personality by those surrounding Jessica & Greg. You're gonna see the coolest Photo Booth, a flowery sunset, some grungy buildings, lots of bourbon and a Hawaiian hog roast. Last but not least, you're gonna see atleast a million smiles. 

If you don't mind, I'm gonna go ahead and give you the short story and tell was badass. 

With love,
Your Kentucky Wedding Photographer