Heather & Jessica | Frankfort, Ky Engagement

When we met Heather & Jess at a A Cup of Commonwealth in Lexington, Ky, we were instant friends. We talked over coffee about dusty bookstores and Seattle, Washington. I found Poor Richard's Attic by a mere chance google search and contacted the owners to find more information. Turns out, Frankfort, Kentucky would be the perfect spot with the perfect piles of dusty books for the perfect duo that is Heather & Jess.

A little info on Heather and Jess: They are adopting a little boy. They have started a blog and if they hadn't already won our hearts from the moment we met them, they have certainly won us over in the process of getting to know them. Enjoy their photos, their smiles, their laughs and their absolutely overwhelming love.  I know I have.