Hannah & Jake

Hannah has been a friend since Middle School. She introduced me to Blink 182, tattoos and not worrying about what kind of person, others thought I should be. She's been such as strong influence in my life, for the best. We may not have stayed close, but we've always picked up where we left off.

It goes with out saying we met at Rooster Brewery for the engagement. In part to make catching up our first priority, (and maybe for a little liquid courage.) In fact, the hanging out lasted a little longer than I intended and I completely missed the golden hour I was aiming for. When we started the portraits, it was basically dusk in downtown Paris and turned to nighttime before we knew it. 

It was perfect. Cause Hannah & Jake confessed they weren't excited about the average frolicking at sunset in flowered fields or woods-kind-of-portraits. They were night owls. They loved this bar, this small town and the end of the day. So the focus of our session was their smiles, their goofing off, and their ability to not take life too seriously. Congrats friends, can't wait for go-carts and mountains in October <3