Ashley & Erik

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I don't even know where to begin for this blog. Ashley is my oldest friend. I honestly have very little memory from before I met her. We have been through everything together. We have stood by each others side even when we disagreed. The best part of having such a long time friend, is seeing everything work out like you hoped it would. When Ashley met Erik, I knew from they way she talked about him, she had fallen for him. When Ashley announced her engagement, I knew big plans were gonna be made and these two were going to be unstoppable.

Since then, they have taken over a farm very dear to my heart. They have started a business, built a garden, rescued pups, hosted celebrations for friends and finally, are preparing to have a family. Well, they already have a family, but now they have an addition to that family: and her name is Margaret. <3

Please enjoy my best friend, and her everything.

With Love,
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