Two Thousand & Seventeen

I'm not gonna sugar coat it: 2017 started off a little rocky. I had thoroughly exhausted my self in 2016 so I made the decision to cut back on advertising and not push my self so hard on social media. The consequence of that decision meant I had a slower season than expected. My initial thought was "this is great, I'll have time to devote to each client and maybe some time to start some projects!" 

Well, I started lots of projects that I didn't quite finish by the end of 2017. I had big ideas. And a vision that I still hold for 2018. And even though my vision is sometimes a little bigger than my means, I am so thankful for the support from my friends and family to help me work on these projects. Not to mention the constant encouragement from my **new husband**. That's right, we tied the not at the end of the wedding season <3

But I definitely got to spend more time with clients this year. I ate dinner with clients. Our phone conversations were less business and more conversation. I really felt like I got to know them. I got to know their real desires for their wedding plans. I learned how photos fit into those goals and how I could contribute to what were great memories. 

My one hour sessions turned into two hour sessions. My workflow during portraits slowed down and I was able to be more conscious and controlled with each click of the shutter. I took less photos, as a result. I also got to spend more time playing around with Gifs. Since I had stepped back from social media, I would capture them and fail to show them off. So I decided to show off 2017 with all of the Gifs I captured through out the year. I hope you enjoy this slightly long video and the favorite portraits of 2017 to follow. 

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