Jennifer & Mark

Thought I'd share some lovely photos of these fine folk. I also thought I'd start out with their furry child, Callie, who definitely stole the show. We didn't really make a plan for this day. We  started out at the Olmsted where Mark proposed to Jennifer, then we sort of made it up as we went along, finding great little spots as we passed through. Then we ended up on Frankfort Avenue where we caught the last of the golden hour. I just have a few favorites to show off, so thanks for checking them out!

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Meredith & Matt

Meredith and I emailed back and forth several times to pick the perfect setting for their engagement portraits. She, being in interior design, loved the idea of a beautiful indoor setting. We also loved the idea of a garden and even though we knew the winter would limit us, we found the perfect setting at White Hall. The crew there invited us in to roam around and we loved it. Plus Meredith and Matt were all smiles and giggles and I'm all about happy faces <3

I only post my absolute favorites. If you'd like to see a full gallery of an engagement session, contact me and I'll send some your way!

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Kendra & Zeke | New born

I don't do newborn photography often, but when I do, its usually a client who has hired for their wedding or family portraits year after year. Mostly because I don't advertise them, I do love the chance to reconnect with clients, keep up with them and try something new. Kendra & Zeke thought my lifestyle approach to newborn/family photography was just what they wanted, so I was thrilled to meet Penelope <3

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Jenifer & Jonathan

I love photographing small weddings like this one. I also love photographing anything or anyone at 21c. I also love when there's some time between visiting 21c so I can admire the new art. Anyways, suffice it to say I so enjoyed documenting this Modern Downtown Lexington Wedding. I love that they embraced the art in with their wedding. It was classy, fun and memorable. 

On a side note, I just wanted to say this. Last year, I never got the time to post several sessions and weddings. I was in the habit of selecting way too many photos to blog and it just became overwhelming. So this year, in hopes of staying more on top of the blog, I'm going to limit myself to my absolute favorite portraits. Which means you might wonder if I took certain photos that you would expect. And I did! I'd be happy to show you a full gallery, but for now, enjoy the photos that I think stood out. 

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Two Thousand & Seventeen

I'm not gonna sugar coat it: 2017 started off a little rocky. I had thoroughly exhausted my self in 2016 so I made the decision to cut back on advertising and not push my self so hard on social media. The consequence of that decision meant I had a slower season than expected. My initial thought was "this is great, I'll have time to devote to each client and maybe some time to start some projects!" 

Well, I started lots of projects that I didn't quite finish by the end of 2017. I had big ideas. And a vision that I still hold for 2018. And even though my vision is sometimes a little bigger than my means, I am so thankful for the support from my friends and family to help me work on these projects. Not to mention the constant encouragement from my **new husband**. That's right, we tied the not at the end of the wedding season <3

But I definitely got to spend more time with clients this year. I ate dinner with clients. Our phone conversations were less business and more conversation. I really felt like I got to know them. I got to know their real desires for their wedding plans. I learned how photos fit into those goals and how I could contribute to what were great memories. 

My one hour sessions turned into two hour sessions. My workflow during portraits slowed down and I was able to be more conscious and controlled with each click of the shutter. I took less photos, as a result. I also got to spend more time playing around with Gifs. Since I had stepped back from social media, I would capture them and fail to show them off. So I decided to show off 2017 with all of the Gifs I captured through out the year. I hope you enjoy this slightly long video and the favorite portraits of 2017 to follow. 

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Sarah & Gabe

I just love when couples bring their puppies along. This sweet pup was so well-behaved. Sarah & Gabe met me downtown at Gratz Park to capture the last of the Autumn leaves. We meandered along busy streets looking for murals and urban areas of Lexington. You wouldn't believe it from the pictures but it was literally freezing outside. They'd take their coats off for a couple minutes at a time for portraits and then we'd bundle up as we moved to another location. 

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Blaire & DJ

It's a rare occasion that I get to spend enough time with couples. But recently I've had so much luck with my time. Blaire & Dj wanted to spend the second half of their shoot at OBC where DJ is the sous chef. We started out hunting for Fall foliage at the Kentucky Horse Park. When we went to one of my favorite nooks of the park and then got ready for one of the tastiest meals. I photographed them and their plates intermittently between some of the most scrumptious food. We got to chat about the wedding, her ideas, and our equal love for Friends, the T.V. Series. It really was a treat. I'm so excited for their big day next year. 

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Katherine & Kline

I didn't get a chance to meet Katherine & Kline before their wedding day. We relied on email and our equal excitement for Warrenwood and their crew. When I showed up, I immediately noticed a previous bride/client and was told there was a second client couple to arrive later! Having a circle of friends, family or co-workers consistently admiring and supporting my work is the best feeling. You'll see a guest appearance by my previous clients in the photos below <3

Needless to say, Katherine & Kline were surrounded by people who loved them very much. They donned on their winter coats for a brisk November wedding day. Katherine & Kline kept everyone laughing through out the day. There was rap music to hype everyone for the first look, followed by the joyous introduction to Albee the dog, and dancing prior to the ceremony and long into the night. If you think people won't bundle up to watch your first kiss or dance along side you late into the evening on a cold day, you'd be wrong. 

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Amber & Ryan

I was so pumped to photograph this wedding after Amber & Ryan met me last year. We laughed about the fun we could have with penguins and the views from the rooftop of 21C Museum Louisville. They were so fun and easy going, I knew I'd get much needed creative liberties with them during our portrait sessions. 21C did not disappoint. 

But even more impressive is the event Amber and Ryan planned for their guests. They created their own piece of art during their ceremony in front of their guests. They even true some paint around, Amber got some on her dress and she loved how appropriate that made their wedding. (side note: Amber and Ryan met in art class!) They also had their reception, toasts, dances in the gorgeous atrium at 21C Museum. Their guests enjoyed roaming from gallery to gallery admiring the art and ambience of the venue. 

It was a real treat to follow these guys around and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to know them. 

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Trent & Trang

Tucked away in the middle of Louisville, Trent & Trang married in the afternoon at Garden Court. They shared both Vietnamese and American wedding traditions throughout the day. The weather was perfect, the venue was magical, and Trent & Trang were smiling all day. Not to mention they practically glowed throughout their wedding day. It was a pleasure to join them and a pleasure to join their selected vendors, including White Owl Weddings. Check out our "Lets Book" Page for more info on our current projects with White Owl Weddings!

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Caitlin & Edward

Caitlin & Edward met me in Lexington with their charming pup. They were gracious enough to drive to a remote location off of I-75 where we would follow some train tracks to an inconspicuous trail to a cave. Now, caves are cool pretty much all the time. But they are even cooler when you have a geologist with you. With a dried creek bed and a large opening to the cave, the rock formations were admired through out the session

These two talked with me the whole drive down there, asking how to look cute, and natural, but not too cute, not the fake kind of cute, but not awkward. I giggled as I told them, that's what they all say. So we took our time exploring and I captured a few more natural moments. Then when I started in on the more orchestrated portraits, I told them to whip out their "dad jokes."

I am once again impressed by the cuteness and joy that emerges. This couple in particular put up with my dad jokes and tripping over rocks, while looking fabulous in the portraits I capture. And it was even a pleasure to get some time in the car with them. I laughed so much and can tell these guys will have a good time in any setting. October can't come fast enough. 

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Aliqae & Andrew

Aliqae & Andrew traveled to Louisville, from the rural parts of New York State, to have a downtown wedding with their friends and family. They chose the essence of elegance, the Henry Clay. The ornate mirror she got dressed in front of, was wall height, mirroring her wedding gown with a lace cover up top. He wore a cumber bun and bowtie, and the two saw each other for a first look on the sun filled and brick wall lined patio.

The ceremony was personally tweaked to include new and old traditions, carefully chosen readings and the backstory on how Aliqae and Andrew came to be Aliqae & Andrew. They kissed twice for their first kiss and spent the following cocktail hour with their guests, mingling and conversing with a group from all over the US.

As expected, dinner was exquisite, the music, lively, and a retro photobooth kept guests moseying around the ballroom in sombreros and masks. Nieces & nephews excitedly watched the cake cutting and then admired Andrew & Aliqae's first dance as the sun slowly sank below the rooftops outside. It really was an elegant event perfectly designed and executed by two classy souls. I feel very fortunate to have been apart of it.

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Kirsten & Rashad

This elegant wedding day may or may not have started at a go-kart racing track outside Louisville Kentucky. We met the groom, Rashad just before he donned on his racing helmet and he competed against groomsmen, friends and family. The crew there were super helpful with giving us access to places for cool shots. The winner was still unclear at the end of their race, but obviously the real winner was Rashad: he left the go-kart track and got ready to marry a drop dead gorgeous Kirsten.....

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Alli & Curtis

I met Alli & Curt at Crank & Boom in Lexington for their consultation. We talked about their wedding plans in the Red River Gorge, and possible engagement session ideas. They were both nervous to be in front of the camera and were skeptical that they could look natural. I hear this a lot so I comforted them with stories of my laid back nature and seamless workflow the best I could. Well, then their engagement session came and they blew me away. They were so sweet and intimate, with the most radiant nervous smiles. They were most comfortable holding hands and glancing at one another with quick giggles. 

It was at their engagement session in a lesser known secluded park in lexington that we all learned their wedding day and wedding day portraits were going to be a breeze. (I'm really bad at keeping my blogging up to date so I will try to share that next.) Here are their photos from what was a smashing success of an outdoorsy, nature filled, and fun filled wedding celebration by two people who tried to tell me they weren't good at having their picture taken!

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Melanie & Aaron

Melanie and Aaron came all the way from Wisconsin to celebrate their wedding with friends and family at Buffalo Trace Distillery. They picked a sunny but cool Friday evening, with the portraits in the gardens and a sunset portrait rendezvous among the barrel houses and smoke stacks. It was delightful meeting their lovely family and getting to photograph the cutest little twins. Thank you Melanie and Aaron for having us, for letting us follow you around your beautiful venue and being such wonderful subjects for us to photograph. 

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Brittany & Ben

I was very honored to follow Brittany and Ben around the beautiful Rockies. They got an airbnb outside Boulder, with a view of mountains (and Denver.) Their puppy, Sally, came along for the ride. The morning of the wedding was rainy and quietly energized. Brittany and Ben spent the morning apart and had an intimate first look outside their airbnb after donning on their wedding attire. 

Piled in a car, we started out along Trail Ridge Road. When we came over a peak, we knew exactly where their ceremony would be. The mountain range being them offered the perfect backdrop to tearful vows, and a long kiss. My boyfriend Josh, officiated the ceremony and played soft acoustic tunes during the ceremony and we took some portraits afterwards. We drove around during the last bit of daylight and captured some mountain reflections on a lakeside and enjoyed a tasty sandwich on an outdoor patio with Sally in Boulder. 

The day was unpredictable, the weather forecast warned of rain and flash thunderstorms, but we only saw sunshine, fluffy clouds, chilly winds and a soft sunset. All together, a smashing success. Congratulations Ben & Brittany, you nailed it. 

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